Finally traveling around!

A selfie of Mitch Anstey at the airport getting off a plane in Texas. He's wearing a mask and trying to smile with his eyes.

My previous post about how this semester might go was pretty much spot on, but for reasons other than The Virus That Shall Not Be Named. Between a higher course load that involved one course that was heavily revamped and another that was lab-intensive and the fact that my kiddos need so much more of my attention when I’m home now that they’re older but still very young, I had so little time to keep things afloat. The thing I’m proud to say is that I was mostly happy the whole time.

One aspect of the job that brought me joy was finally traveling around to give talks and meet new people. What a revelation! I first went to UT Arlington for the 2021 VIPEr Summer Workshop to brush up on how best to incorporate primary literature into learning objects. You can see all sorts of stuff here and on the SLITHER down below.

But getting to meet many of the folks in IONiC-VIPEr as well as newbies like myself was a terrific way to start off the semester.

Later on in the semester, I started giving talks around North Carolina. The first was App State in early October followed by NC State in late November. It was a blast, and I really can’t thank the folks at each of those places enough for the hospitality and the opportunity. At both places, I got swag, and it was perfect. App State had a chemistry department T-shirt that is now framed up on my wall, and NC State folks gave me a pin and mug that are now in the rotation. Three of my favorite things! They really know me!

Here are just a few pictures from my trips.

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