Laboratory Instructional Videos

This page is where you’ll find videos made for the students and visitors in the Anstey Research Lab at Davidson College. If you are not working in the Anstey Lab, these videos are for informational or entertainment purposes only. These videos are not a replacement for hands-on training and one-on-one instruction, and specific instruments, hardware, or conditions may be different than depicted here.

Operating a Glovebox Antechamber

An instructional video on how to operate the inert atmosphere glovebox.

The antechamber on an inert atmosphere glovebox is a pretty specialized piece of equipment. But to use a glovebox, you have to master it! This video goes through basic instructions on how to use the antechamber safely and properly.

Changing the Nitrogen Tank

The glovebox needs to eat, and nitrogen is what we use to feed the beast. This video will show how the Anstey Lab handles the changing of large nitrogen tanks. This may not be suitable for your laboratory based on the difference in many operating environments.

Collecting Solvent from the Still

Dry and deoxygenated solvent is the nectar of the gods. And thankfully, you can get it on tap like you’re at a bar. This video will show you the steps to collect various organic solvents from the solvent still system in the Anstey Lab at Davidson College. This may not be suitable for your laboratory based on the difference in many operating environments.

Cleaning NMR Tubes

A productive synthetic chemist is gonna make a mess… so let’s learn how to clean up those NMR tubes!

Sparging a Solvent (Removing Oxygen)

Working in an anaerobic environment like the one we have on a Schlenk manifold or in a glovebox means that molecular oxygen dissolved in liquids has to be removed before we can use them. The most straightforward technique to do so is called sparging.

Freeze-Pump-Thaw (Removing Oxygen)

If you have a precious liquid that you can’t afford to lose to evaporation or is too hazardous to risk exposure to fumes, then it’s time to opt for the Freeze, Pump, Thaw!

Using a Liquid Nitrogen Trap

On both a Schlenk manifold and the glovebox, you’ll usually need vacuum for filtering or evaporation. To prevent corrosive chemical vapors from harming the vacuum pump, you’ll find a glass apparatus installed inline before the pump. This is called the solvent trap, and it catches those vapors using an extreme drop in temperature.

Changing a Glove on the Glovebox

Maintaining a clean glovebox atmosphere means being nice to your gloves. But if they’re already beyond help, then it’s time to change them. It’s not hard, but it does mean being careful and following these steps!