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As an inorganic chemist, I find electronic and molecular structure to be some of the most fascinating areas of science. Here at Davidson College, my group is focused on applying those basic concepts to problems in energy storage and activation of small molecules. This interest has led to the development of projects related to coordination chemistry, electrochemistry, photoluminescence, magnetism, and catalysis.

Our active projects are in battery science, which mainly focus on the molecular species that can be used to improve performance, longevity, and durability. We’ve had a longstanding interest in new electrolytes for redox flow batteries, but new projects on lithium-air and lithium-ion are underway as well. There are also active collaborations with researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, University of Kentucky, University of North Carolina – Charlotte, and Sandia National Laboratories.

While you can read all about my research, nothing is better than a conversation. Luckily, Menkara Henry (’21) and Ana Nottingham (’20) interviewed me in the Spring of 2018 about battery science and my research, and you can find that video below (thank you, Ana and Menkara!).