Mitch Anstey

Mitch Anstey standing at a podium giving a research talk in 2016.I was born just outside Buffalo, NY but moved to southeastern Virginia at age 5 where I stayed until my undergraduate years at the University of Virginia. I obtained a B.Sc. in Chemistry and worked with Prof. Dean Harman on strongly π-donating transition metal complexes that disrupt the aromaticity of aromatic molecules and activate them toward new substitution and functionalization reactions.

If you were driving anywhere in the USA during the summer of 2004, you likely spotted me on a road trip to my new home in Berkeley, CA. I joined the research group of Prof. Bob Bergman at UC Berkeley to investigate metal insertion into C-H bonds. In 2009, I earned my Ph.D. in Chemistry, and pretty much gave a high five to everyone in a 5-mile radius!

That summer, I took a postdoctoral position at the Livermore, CA campus of Sandia National Laboratories to work on energy storage projects. A year later, I was hired as a staff scientist and promoted to Principal Member of the Technical Staff a few years later. I’m very proud of this phase of my career, as it allowed me to mentor younger scientists and continue to form my own ideas about how chemistry could benefit battery science.

But after realizing how much I loved the mentorship aspect, I knew I needed to make a career change that would let me focus on mentorship. I interviewed for academic positions in chemistry, and I was lucky enough to be hired by Davidson College as an assistant professor! Now I get to focus on the things I love most: students and science!

I can be contacted directly at mitch.anstey[@], and you can follow me on Twitter at @theyneedacrane.

Mitchell Anstey CV

Group Members

David looking down at the computerDavid Choi (’21) is a powerhouse of chemistry knowledge. He took my general and inorganic chemistry courses during his first year, gone through organic, and maybe has taken a zillion others. He’s the Junior class President, which means he’s also probably involved in every other student group out there. He’s joining Ellen in the summer of 2019 to finish out our first story of the phenoxazine Flow Battery electrolytes.

Alexa smiling as she points to her phone which is playing musicAlexa Greenwood (’22) declared Chemistry as a major the second week of the summer of 2019. This research experience must be THAT awesome! She’s created a Spotify playlist for the lab, ran reactions at -35 °C, and offered to do video editing for our lab instructional videos… You know you’re jealous.

Jay Nicoleau (’21) is a junior and joined the group in the summer of 2018. After shadowing Nathan Rudman during the previous Spring semester, Jay took over our project on main group redox shuttles. After only three weeks in the lab, Jay isolated an anionic boron complex that had been eluding me for the past three years! LUCKY?! Nope, he’s that good.

Hannah Mallard (’21) made her debut in the Fall of 2019, and she’s already talking about summer research in 2020! Hannah is my hero for taking P-Chem and Analytical in the same semester. Math! Hannah will continue with Nick Kennedy’s work on the BXB bridging compounds we have, focusing on the next generation with BCB.

Ais Whalen (’22) is the kind of person that makes you realize “I should ride their coattails to fame and fortune!” A math whiz, a chemistry whiz, and an envi sci whiz all wrapped into one. Ais now knows how to solve crystal structures better than me thanks to a virtual Summer ’20 research position in the lab. But we’re going to get some lab work done before too long, and I can’t wait to see what happens!

Former Group Members

Tashroom Ahsan (NCSSM, ’20) – undergraduate at Deep Springs College

Corey Angle (Livingstone College, ’21)

Cole Cuthbertson (’18)

Kaycee Gass (’17) – University of Tennessee, Knoxville; graduate student in Materials Science

Jennie Goodell (’19) – National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD; postbaccalaureate research fellow

Claudia Hernandez Brito (’20)

Allison Hunt (’18)

Lucas Kane (’18) – Georgetown University, graduate student in Chemistry

Nick Kennedy (’19) – Joint Bioenergy Institute in California, research assistant; Wake Forest, MBA student

Nathan Rudman (’18) – University of Pennsylvania, graduate student in Chemistry

Alex Strasser (’20) – RA Capital Management, Junior Healthcare Associate

David Thole (’21)

Ellen Warner (’20) – NC State, graduate student in Chemistry