Alexa’s First Invited Research Talk!

You can’t do much better than getting an invite to give a research seminar. And at the age of 22, Alexa Greenwood is ahead of the curve!

The local ACS group, Carolina-Piedmont, invited undergraduates from the surrounding area to give shorts talks at the latest virtual meeting. Alexa introduced folks to our redox mediator work in the context of lithium-air batteries.

A picture of an iPad screen where someone is giving a chemistry research presentation. The slide says "Lithium-air batteries have many advantages over other battery products due to their high energy density and slow loss of charge while not in use. With the need to operate between three phases, challenges arise with the efficiency of the lithium-air battery. Our goal: synthesize and characterize a single molecule redox mediator which has the ability to perform charge transport and bypass the kinetic barriers present in the lithium-air batteries." A diagram is also included of a lithium-air battery showing how air can penetrate the battery housing and react with the lithium electrode to form lithium oxide and generate electricity.
Picture or it didn’t happen.

As we were making the presentation, I realized just how much I’ve forgotten about all the work we’ve done. Too many years have gone by and so many results have piled up… it’s just hard to keep each bit in my head at the same time. But this presentation definitely jogged the memory.

I’m so proud of Alexa, the work she’s done both in the lab and throughout the rest of her Davidson career. And for everyone who worked on this project, she made us look awesome!

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