More talks and outreach!

It’s been a busy few weeks, and I shouldn’t be complaining. Each week, I’ve had a presentation to give: discussing how I removed textbook costs in my courses, leading a discussion with Cal Poly San Luis Obispo about our somewhat unconventional Chemistry curriculum, teaching the local start-up community about some R&D issues with new battery technology, and presenting our research on redox mediators at TechConnect in DC.

A slide titled "Reactivity with Oxygen". This slide shows a picture of a vial with a purple solution held by a blue gloved hand. There is a cartoon showing chemical reaction scheme of a molecule undergoing an oxidation.
A slide from my TechConnect talk.
This slide shows a continuum from small form factor of batteries up to large form factor. On the largest side, I'm showing redox flow batteries. In the middle is an old technology called the Daniell cell. On the small form factor side (from largest to smallest), there is a lithium-ion battery, a group of technologies called Beyond Lithium, and finally solid-state batteries.
A slide from my LaunchLKN start-up networking talk.

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