Albuquerque, Here I Come!

Artwork installation in Albuquerque consisting of large letters spelling out Albuquerque

Before coming to Davidson, I was a scientist at Sandia National Laboratories working out of the Livermore, California site. However, Albuquerque is Sandia’s home. Incidentally, the lab is named for the Sandia Mountains, which are named for the rosy color they have during sunset. Just like a watermelon!

This year, I traveled to ABQ for the Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability (OE) Peer Review. It’s a yearly pilgrimage for those interested in issues of grid-scale energy storage. With my research funding from OE, this means I, too, make the pilgrimage and get to show off the good work we’ve been doing over the past year.

The cover of the program for the Office of Electricity Peer Review meeting for 2019.

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