NC Photochem 2019

I’m pretty spoiled by being so close to a bunch of really great schools in North Carolina. It’s not often that you can put on a conference on a small focused topic for just folks in your state and have it be a success. And yet, we have NC Photochem!

I received an invitation from Michael Walter at UNC Charlotte to give a talk about battery science (yes, I know it’s not photochemistry, but we all speak the same language!). And then I got the chance to meet (or meet up with) some great folks across the state like Alex Miller (Chapel Hill), Mike Hambourger (App State), Jillian Dempsey (Chapel Hill), and Jay Hanna (Winthrop).

Ellen and Nick joined me for the day in Boone. It was the first time I think they had seen me give a talk in front of an audience on our research. I nailed it! It just felt comfortable and easy, and I credit the atmosphere of the conference for that.

Can’t wait for next year!