Summer 2017: Photos from a summer of research

This first summer, for me, was a much more hectic time than I expected. Training new people in the daily grind of a chemistry lab along with describing some of the finer points of the science made for some exhausting days. But I wouldn’t have traded for the world! Everyone pitched in, took initiative, and stayed safe! Enjoy these photos from the summer.

Alex Strasser (’20) caught in the act of science.
Mitch and Claudia sharing the alley.
Claudia and Mitch ponder the existence of the round bottom flask.
Claudia’s column really does get good separation!
Mitch decides it’s time to take matters into his own hands.
Nathan Rudman (’18) likely getting the best yield for his reaction.
Nathan Rudman (’18) stretching to see where he dropped that spatula.
Jennie running a truly impressive Soxhlet extraction under an inert atmosphere on the Schlenk line!