My science outreach efforts come in all different flavors. I’ve been part of education efforts for K-12 students, non-science adult audiences, and STEM-aligned professional organizations. Below is smattering of the various efforts.

If you’d like me or my colleagues to participate in an event, please contact me through email to discuss!

January 31, 2018 LaunckLKN hosted its monthly gathering in Moorseville, NC, and I was invited to talk about the research pipeline of energy storage and batteries. The video is below (my portion begins at 42:57, additional Q&A begins at 1:01:20).

November 27, 2012 Nerd Nite is a national organization but also a local grassroots effort to educate people about… everything?! While it leans STEM, it’s definitely about much more. If you’re a nerd for anything, you can give a talk about what you love!

The SF East Bay chapter of Nerd Nite hosted my talk on luminescence, and that was eventually chosen as one of the best talks nationally for Nerd Nite! Later that year, I gave the same talk at the national Nerd Nite gathering in DC sponsored by Smithsonian Magazine. So fun! I hope to do it again some day!